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    Set Screws

    We are engaged in providing Grub Screw & Set Screws which is dimensionally accurate and capable to bear heavy loads. We offer these in different sizes and lengths to meet the diverse requirement of the clients. We are one of the best Grub Screw & Set Screw Manufacturers in India.

    Creative Fasteners offering a wide range of Grub Screw & Set Screw Manufacturers in India. A set screw & grub screw is a type of screw, by and large, used to verify an object within or against another object.

    The most standard examples are securing a pulley or gear to a shaft. Set screws are usually headless, that means the screw is fully threaded and has no head projecting past the major diameter of the screw thread. If a set screw has a head, the thread will enlarge all the way to the head.

    A grub set screw is almost always driven with an internal-wrenching drive, such as a hex socket, star, square socket, or slot. The set screw passes through a threaded hole in the outer object and is secure against the inner object to prevent it from moving relative to the outer object. It exerts compressional or attaches force through the bottom tip that projects through the hole.

    An example application is when a set screw is screwed into a pulley hub so that its end-point bears immovably against the shaft. The fastening action is by rubbing between the screw and the shaft, but not always with some amount of elastic or plastic deformation of one or both.

    Screws and screwdrivers have different types and sizes. The most standard types here in the US are Phillips head and slot head. Then there’s the less common screw or star head, a super cool six-pointed star-shaped head, which is used on things that need to get very tight.