Self Clinching Standoff


    Self Clinching Standoff

    We are engaged in providing Self Clinching Fasteners Manufacturers in India which is dimensionally accurate and capable to bear heavy loads. We offer these Self Clinching Fasteners in various sizes & lengths to meet the various requirements of the clients. Different varieties are available.

    Broadly defined, a self-clinching fastener (also known as clinch or captive fastener) is any device, usually threaded, that, when pressed into ductile metal, displaces the host material around the mounting hole, causing it to cold flow into a specially designed annular recess in the shank or pilot of the fastener. A serrated clinching ring, knurl, ribs or hex head prevents the fastener from rotating in the host material once it has been properly inserted. Thus, self-clinching fasteners become a permanent part of the panel, chassis, bracket, or other items into which they are installed.

    We manufacture a wide range of Self Clinching fasteners in India. These components are highly precise and have various end usage. Components can be manufactured as per customer drawings. With an excellent setup consisting of both conventional and advanced machines, we make sure that the appropriate machine is used for the job to achieve better production and remain cost efficient.

    Product Details:

      • Brand: CF
      • Quantity Per Pack: 1000
      • Size: ALL