Wave Washers Manufacturer in India


    Wave Washers Manufacturer in India

    Wave spring washers, also called wave washers, are some of the best load bearing washers on the market today. Wave Spring Washers provide greater load bearing capability, primarily because of its three-point contact and sharper curve format. Wave spring washers are perfect for obtaining loads when the load gets static, or the working range is small so your axial space is limited. Wave spring washers can often times have three, four to sometimes even six waves a piece, even though any number of waves can be produced upon specification.Wave Washers Manufacturer in India.

    By increasing the number of waves, the thickness can ultimately be reduced for any given load. However its important to understand that every decreasing the amount of deflection causing an increase in radical stress. This is why wave uniformity is important because the load rate doesnt begin until all the waves are evenly loaded.Wave Washers Manufacturer in India.

    Product Details:

    • Brand:CF
    • Surface Finish:Metal Coated, Electroplated, Chemical Coated
    • Size:ALL